RPG Web Profiler News

10 July 2008 - v0.7.0 Released

Functionality Updates

  • Added AJAX saving to 3.5e and 4e character sheets
  • Added character summary to campaign screens (3.5e and 4e sheets only so far)

Character Sheet Updates

  • Increased spell column count in 3.5e sheet
  • Various other small fixes/improvements to 3.5e sheet
  • First draft of 4e sheet

3 April 2007 - v0.6.0 Released

Functionality Updates

  • Changed nav menu to optional left side-bar when logged in.
  • Added quick links to characters & campaigns on sidebar.
  • Added system option to disable statistics display for improved performance.

Character Sheet Updates

  • Added new d20 Modern character sheet
  • Added new Serenity Ship sheet
  • Minor fixes in Serenity and 3.5e sheets

2 December 2006 - v0.5.0 Released

Functionality Updates

  • Added ability to Deactivate characters.
  • Added seperate list for Inactive characters & campaigns, hidden by default.
  • Moved New Character/Campaign function to bottom of respective pages.
  • Moved Campaign Add/Invite/Accept character controls to View Campaign screen.
  • Added character list to View Campaign screen for everyone (still only DM can view/edit character sheets).
  • Fixed bug when removing edit permissions from a character you don't own.

Character Sheet Updates

  • Changed layout of Serenity character sheet.
  • Added display toggle of notes sections to Serenity sheet.
  • Changed currency section of 3.5e sheet for easier tracking of common coins.

General Updates

  • Major change to database access code.
  • Extended security to allow customized authentication.
  • Added authentication module for phpBB v2 (Requires PHP 4).

1 August 2006 - v0.4.0 Released

  • Changes for PHP 5 compatibility.
  • Changes for MySQL 5 compatibility.
  • Increased length of password field to cater for MySQL 4.1+ new password hash.
  • Added code to check both new and old password hash to allow for migration to MySQL database with new hashing.
  • Added more stats.
  • Small fixes to D&D 3.5e and Serenity character sheets.

13 July 2006 - v0.3.0 Released

  • Changed characters to have single owner.
  • Character editing permissions can now be removed.
  • Characters owned by different profiles show with * prefix in character list.
  • Only character owner can set public permissions and add/remove editors.
  • Added Transfer Character function, to change owners.
  • Added DM Function checkbox to Profile screen.
  • Added Campaign Functionality.
    • Users with DM Functions enabled can create campaigns.
    • Can search on campaign names, and see information on available campaigns.
    • Characters can request to join, or can be invited to join.
    • Campaign Owner (DM) automatically gains full edit permissions to all participating characters.
  • Tidied up search functionality.

This is quite a substantial change to the profiler, and includes a number of database changes. These are located in update-mysqldb.sql, and should run without problems. See the update instructions in the download for more details.

The major change for this release is the Campaign functionality. Users can set up campaigns, and characters can be added to those campaigns either by request or invitation. All requests and invitations must be accepted by both the character and the campaign owner (DM) before the character is added.

One of the advantages of the Campaign functionality is that the DM automatically gets edit permissions for all characters, but does not gain the ability to change details such as whether or not the character is public.

28 June 2006 - v0.2.0 Released

  • Removed Smarty Templates
  • Added imgs/blank.gif for use when no LOGO image is desired.
  • New Admin Options
    • SITE_CSS: Change the CSS file in use to make updates easier
    • SITE_NEWS: Change the file used to display news.
    • NEW_WINDOW: Prevent Character sheets opening in a new window
    • REQUIRE_LOGIN: Remove public access to character sheets, so only registered users can see them
    • OPEN_REGISTRATION: Stop people from registering. Makes the site a private installation.
    • DISPLAY_IMAGES: Show/Hide the link to the character image library
    • DISPLAY_FAQ: Show/Hide the link to the FAQ

The first two admin options listed above, along with the previous renaming of the system configuration file within the Subversion repository are intended to make future upgrade paths easier. Ideally, you should be able to extract a new version of the application into the install directory without then having to re-configure the application for your site.

15 June 2006 - v0.1.0 Released

  • First release of RPG Web Profiler.
  • Re-branded application with new name
  • Some search improvements over 3eProfiler
  • Character Image library browser


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